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Appellation d'Origine Protégée Graves


Château Sirio is a small family property acquired in 2015 by a Franco-Irish couple, Fabrice and Emer. 

Both keen wine-lovers, they searched for quite some time before coming across this 12-hectare winery surrounded by woodlands in the Graves "Appellation d'Origine Protégée" area.


9 hectares are currently planted with vines.

Château Sirio takes pride in its sustainable wine production.

No chemical weed-killers are used on the property.

Fabrice and Emer, owners of Château Sirio since 2015. 

Taking over this winery was a project we had thought about for several years. 

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Photo: Guillaume Bonnaud


Our wines are typical of the Graves terroir. The red wines are elegant, rich and complet. The dry whites are fruity, full-bodied and lively. 

We currently have 9 hectares of vines.

Organic manure and vegetal-based composts are used to improve the quality of the soil.


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